It seems like every other week there is another mind blowing restomod build that comes out. And in no way is that a bad thing. After all, the restomod is the best of both worlds, because you’re combining the old-school look with the modern comfort and power. And this gorgeous 1955 Chevy is yet another example of what can happen when you take a classic old car and proceed to change all the bad parts about the car and then engineer and fabricate replacement parts to custom build the dream car you always wanted. It has a something that sets it apart from even the best of the restomod builds, a 730 cubic inch V12 motor.

Photo: hotrod

That’s right, this isn’t the standard “tri-five” Chevy with the standard 350 under the hood that you see at least 2 or 3 of at almost every small car show across the country. The entire car was built with the highest level of craftsmanship, but the star of the show is that massive motor under the hood. It’s a 730 cubic inch V12 that was built by an Italian company called BPM that specializes in speedboat motors. Apparently the owner of the car, Gary Kollofksi bought two of them from a guy that was doing an engine swap on his speedboat, then took one and had it rebuilt from top to bottom. As big as the motor is, it’s actually fairly tame with an estimated 630 hp and 720lb-ft of torque. But it’s also very mildly built and is capable of at least double that with a bit of tuning.

The car itself is flawless from every direction and has quite a few little tweaks that make it every more appealing. Take for example the way the hood opens two different ways. You can open the hood like normal, but when you have a motor that big you want people to be able to see it. So Gary had it set up where the entire front of the car tilts forward so you can really see what a work of art the motor is. They wanted the motor to look as good as it performs. It even has the valve covers painted in the perfect shade of seafoam green to match the rest of the car. The stance of the car has been improved as well after the rear end was widened to make room for some extra tire to handle the power. It’s the little things like that where the hardcore ’55 Chevy fans would be able to spot the alteration, but your average Joe and even the average moto enthusiast would be oblivious.

Photo: holley

According to Gary, the car took about four years to build and while he does drive it from time to time, he doesn’t like to drive it fast. He says it scares him and he doesn’t want to break anything. Which is understandable considering it probably cost a boat-load of money to have the car built, but still that could also be an argument as to why you should drive it. And drive the hell out of it really. Gary did a fantastic job in the creation of this gorgeous car, as a matter of fact, he did such a great job that it should almost be considered a crime that the car isn’t being driven and driven hard. Especially with a custom built 4-link coil over suspension system on all four corners and Wilwood brakes to slow this beautiful beast down. However, he did say that for the right price, the car would be for sale. Hint.

You might’ve seen the incredible ’48, ’49, and ’50 restomod Cadillac builds that we’ve written about in the past that we couldn’t say enough good things about. And now there’s another one to add to the list. We can’t get enough of this restomod trend so it’s a good thing that it shows absolutely no signs of stopping anytime soon. It makes you wonder how good the next one will be right?


Photo: Holley and Hotrod

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