We attended the 2016 running of the Mint 400 for our first time and we can definitely say that we will not be missing another one anytime soon. It’s got to be the best offroad race, at least from a spectator’s point of view because rather than being a point A to B race like most others, it’s a circuit race for lack of better words. Only each of the three laps is roughly 130 miles long. So rather than seeing the trucks only on the starting line, you got to see them come past at over 100mph as much as three times! But as good as it was watching in person it still would be nice to see what went on in the back parts of the course that were not accessible for spectators. Luckily Red Bull understand that fact and have since created a full hour long episode of their Signature Series dedicated strictly to the Mint 400. So sit back and enjoy one of the best and most hardcore offroad races in the United States.

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