Snow Bikes have made quite the impact on the snow motorsports world over the past few years and one name that’s been associated with it since the beginning is Reagan Sieg. Some refer to him as the “pioneer” of the sport because he was involved in the research and development of the Timbersled track systems that convert a standard dirt bike into a powder crushing snow bike. Now that Timbersled has been acquired by Polaris, the technology continues to improve at a drastic rate.

When they were first introduced, the snow bikes couldn’t really handle the deep fluffy snow that’s normally found in the early stages of the snow riding season. But as the technology improved, and the bikes got more powerful, the capabilities also increased. According to Reagan, these new Timbersled systems are so good that they now are reaching the capabilities of a standard sled. Part of this comes from the fact that he’s using a KTM 450sx that’s been bored out to a 520 and apparently has a turbo on it for those deep snow days. But as a lifelong snowmobile enthusiast, I still find this hard to believe. However one thing is for sure, they look like an absolute blast to ride, whether they can handle the deep snow or not.

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