Oh god, here we go. Some of you will hate this, others will lose your minds with rage, but unfortunately it has happened. Someone has swapped a Honda engine into a Porsche 930. Yup, a K20 Honda. Now before we go any further I just want you to know I did not build this, I’m just showing it to you. Don’t shoot the messenger.


So yes, there is now a Porsche rolling around with a Honda transplant. It’s an unusual combo, one that raises a lot of questions. With the main one being why. In place of the air-cooled flat-six that we know and love, now sits a K20A2, which is a popular engine amongst the tuning crowd. Not much info is given about what has been done to the engine, but it is currently sporting a pretty massive turbo to feed the little two-liter engine.

Now the good news is that this 911 wasn’t molested just for this build. Instead, it was taken apart in back in the early 2000’s to be fitted with one of the Renegade V8 kits from that time. Not sure what I would be more pissed about honestly. Either way when ‘Scotty G’ or Scott as I’ll be calling him, got his hands on it that’s when he had the idea of going boosted K20 vs V8 or stock. It’s very hard to admit but the K20 is actually a really good little motor. It makes just over 200hp in stock trim, but has been known to make some serious power with new guts and a turbo swap. Power could be anywhere from 400-800hp, but likely closer to the bottom end of that range.


I will say this even if I don’t agree with the build, at least this build isn’t a total hack job. All of the machine work and accessories look very clean and properly done, making this pill a little bit easier to swallow. This 911 is also a track build, meaning this new engine swap could qualify for different classes than before. The K20 is also a great little track engine, especially when you factor in that it has a sky high rev limit sitting at 8,600RPM in stock trim. Also with all the plumbing moved to the front of the car its likely that they have improved the weight distribution, although it’s likely not a huge gain.

Even still, there is something unnerving hearing an engine swapped 911 fire up. And that goes for all engine swaps, not just this Honda. The engine is what makes the 911 such an iconic machine. Swapping it is like taking out its soul and throwing it into a wood chipper. At least that’s what I think. What do you think? Would you be willing to chop up a 911 just because you can? Let us know in the comments below.

The first video posted. Shows a lot of the goods, but without much information on what is going on.

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