In my opinion, the Porsche Panamera is one of the worst high-end cars of the last decade. Sure it’s fast and functional, but its styling is atrocious, reminding me of a wet salamander. It’s so aesthetically displeasing to me that it could be reviewed as the best drivers car in the world and I still wouldn’t want one. A pure slap in the face to everything the 911 has accomplished over its 50+ year history. I felt this way up until I saw the Panamera Sport Turismo concept.

The Sport Turismo variant of the Panamera will be a 5-door ‘shooting brake’ wagon, giving the Panamera a much-needed body lift. No longer does it look like a slug, now it looks like a GTI on steroids. And that’s a great ting. It’s a fairly obvious move from the German company, one aimed directly at Ferraris’ GTC4Lusso. If only it was also a 2-door wagon, a new 928 as it were. Hey, we can dream… right?

The most interesting part is the timing. The official unveiling will come on the heels of the announced Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, which sports a twin turbo V8 combined with an electric hybrid system similar to the beloved 918, thrusting the Panamera to 680 horsepower. That’s potentially a lot of hooch for a functional wagon, putting it well ahead of the competition in that class, like the Audi RS6 which boasts only 597bhp. Pshh if only. Porsche has announced it will share similar engine configurations as the standard Panamera. Combine this with the original reports of it being a hybrid and we could be looking at a serious estate.

Porsche has confirmed that the Sport Turismo will go on sale later in 2017. While Porsche looks to be targeting the European market they did claim it will be coming stateside as well. This means what we are seeing is much less of a concept and much more a pre-production car.

The Sport Turismo will be unveiled at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in a couple short weeks. We can only hope it looks as good as the concept from the Paris Motor Show. It is worth noting there have been spy shots of a Panamera Wagon cruising around the Nurburgring, let’s all hope that was an early design and not the production body. The Concept depicts a sleek shooting-brake style body, while the actual car lapping the ring looks as if they took a Panamera and slapped the rear end of the Macan on it. Absolutely awful. Here’s to hoping the Sport Turismo at Geneva looks as good as it really should.


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