The Porsche Cayenne is typically not what you would consider an off-road capable SUV. It’s quite the opposite actually. If you had to put it in a category, it would be the high-performance car category. The top of the line Cayenne Turbo is one of the fastest SUVs on the market. it’s so fast that it can keep up with most supercars.

Because the Cayenne is so amazing on-road you wouldn’t expect it to be that good off-road. Especially because 99.5% of the people that buy one would never even think of taking their $100,000+ SUV out in the wilderness. However, that doesn’t stop Porsche from making sure their cars will do whatever is asked of them, no matter what conditions or terrain their owners put them up against.

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Weather and terrain play a huge factor in Porsche’s extreme testing phase. They take the Cayenne all over the world and test it in various conditions, from the middle of the sandy deserts to some of the coldest snowiest places in the world and everywhere in between. The main goal is the to push these test mules to their limits and beyond so they can determine when or where something will break. That way they can address the problem before it happens to the consumer.

I must admit, I was a bit more impressed with the Cayenne’s off-road capabilities than I expected to be. This thing just seemed to get up and over just about anything they threw in front of it. Maybe if more Cayenne owners knew the capabilities of the SUV they would be more willing to take it off-road. Here’s hoping we see on out on the trails.

Photo: motortrend
Photo: motortrend

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