Photo: KNfilters
Photo: KNfilters

What happens hen you have an open runway and access to two powerful sports cars? The obvious answer would be to have a drag race and that is exactly what happens here. But what caught my eye on this was the vehicles that were used. We are pretty hardcore BMW M series fans here at Moto Networks so when the BMW M2 with it’s turbo straight six producing 365hp lined up for the drag race, I couldn’t look away. Next to the M2 is not necessarily what you would expect considering it’s an American muscle car. The 2016 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 is in my opinion the best looking pony car since the “Eleanor” GT500 from 1967. Now that’s coming from someone who isn’t the biggest Mustang fan to begin with. However, I must admit I was concerned for the M2 knowing that the GT has that 5.0L V8 producing upwards of 435hp. Both cars have traction control systems and send power to the rear wheels. The M2 is lighter but the Mustang has a good size power advantage. The power to weight ratio is said to be within 1hp of each other so it should be a great race. Who do you pick to win?

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  1. Surprised, pleasantly

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