By now if you haven’t heard of the wicked HP4 RACE from BMW you are either daft or living under a rock. Possibly both. Those of you that have heard of the HP4 RACE should be ecstatic because it just ran a lap of the Snaefell Mountain Course. You know, the one used for the Isle of Man TT.

The HP4 RACE broke headlines at the end of April becoming the fastest production BMW motorcycle ever. It also broke a lot of hearts because it was announced that only 500 total units will be made, and at $87,000 a piece, not many of us will be able to afford it. Subsequently, we get the bittersweet luxury of watching someone way more skilled than us, riding a bike we will never be able to afford at speeds we could only hope to achieve. Seriously, it’s enjoyable and saddening, but more so the former.

BMW strapped 17 GoPro cameras onto the 215hp machine before setting Hickman loose on the famed road course. If you were to just listen to Pete talk about the lap you would think he took a leisurely stroll around the island, casually enjoying all the sights and sounds. Yet when you watch the footage captured by those 17 GoPro’s a new picture is painted. He doesn’t just ride the HP4 RACE, he completely throttles it. At one point he is bouncing off the rev-limiter in 6th gear. That’s around 190mph on what is essentially public roads. Absolutely bonkers.

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The other thing that is quite noticeable is how the HP4 RACE can lift the front wheel without even thinking twice about it. Between the light weight and insane power, it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, it just reaffirms how fast the HP4 really is. Hickman currently races on a superbike-spec S1000RR and even he was pleasantly surprised with how the HP4 was able to perform. The fact that its actually lighter than his race bike is slightly absurd, in a good way that is. Regardless you are going to want to watch this over and over. I’m sure your jaw will drop every single time. I know mine has.

You caught a glimpse of the HP4 RACE yesterday, now hear what professional BMW Motorrad racer Peter Hickman has to say about this carbon-fibre framed race machine.

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