Normally when you see a group of cars like the Muria, Countach, LaFerrari, Veyron, and EB110 you’d assume they were out on a cruise through the Swiss Alps or something. The very last place you would expect to see them is smashing down a muddy backcountry dirt road acting like a bunch of rally cars. But yet that’s exactly what these supercar owners did.

If you’re a purist at heart you may want to look away because it’s definitely cringe-worthy to see ultra rare supercars like the Bugatti EB110 kicking up roost as it claws its way through the mud. Then to see a Veyron attack the same stretch of muddy road might make you feel faint. This wild video surfaced recently on the Instagram account carpicseurope and while we don’t have a lot of the background information it was impossible to look away. Especially when it starts out with the screaming V12 of the iconic Lamborghini Muira SV doing a dirt burnout and follows it with the Countach doing the same thing.

I’m no purist, as a matter of fact, I love the off-road life. ALthough I do have an undying passion for supercars too, and you would think this sort of thing would be a perfect combination for me. Normally I applaud people for driving the hell out of their supercars rather than just letting them sit in the garage their whole lives. But this might be a bit excessive. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it would be an absolute blast, and if I had more money than sense I would totally be into it. But we’re talking about millions upon millions upon millions of dollars worth of cars right here. Between the Bugattis and the Laferrari, you’re talking about in excess of $10 million or more, and that’s not even including the legendary Lambos.

One thing is for sure, whether you agree with it or not, you have to admit you would do it in a heartbeat if suddenly you were handed the keys and given permission.

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