It is some crazy times we are living in and as long as you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 15 years, then surely you have heard of the name Travis Pastrana. He has been pretty much the definition of an extreme sports athlete since he participates and excels in so many different sports. His biggest mark on the world has been made using his dirt bike. Travis was the first rider to pull off the ridiculous double back flip in competition at the 2006 X-games and has since created many different tricks in the freestyle motocross (FMX) world.


Another one of Pastrana’s biggest hits was when he and a few of his closest friends created the Nitro Circus. It originally all started back in the early 2000’s with a series of 10 DVDs of Travis and friends getting into all kinds of crazy shenanigans riding dirt bikes, base jumping, and anything else they could come up with that was crazy enough to make audiences flip out. After running a few seasons on Fuel TV and MTV, Pastrana and crew decided to take their show on the road, literally. They now travel all over the world creating this live show unlike anything else you would see at a FMX competition or any other live event.

Photo: NitroCircus  YouTube Channel
Photo: NitroCircus YouTube Channel

During a show held in Brisbane Australia just last week, Travis and two of his buddies would set three world firsts in one night. Using a huge ramp, Pastrana set out to do the first FMX double back flip Superman and in true Pastrana form, he goes out and nails it, almost making it look easy. He had to be 60-70ft in the air when doing this trick so the dangers involved are quite significant. If he over or under rotates even by the slightest margin the jump would end in catastrophe, something he’s not unfamiliar with.

Photo: NitroCircus
Photo: NitroCircus

Then not to be shown up, Australian rider Josh Sheehan goes out and pulls of a beautiful double back flip heel clicker that also was the first in FMX world history. Sheehan is no stranger to firsts as he was the first rider to pull off the elusive triple back flip April of last year at Pastrana’s home built FMX park known as Pastranaland.


But what I personally thought was the biggest jump of the night, and what inspired me to want to write this article, is the massive double front flip landed by Gregg Duffy. This jump was spectacular and with maybe the exception of Sheehan’s triple, has to be one of the most difficult tricks ever performed on a dirt bike. I am not even sure how they get the bike to rotate forward like that when they are going off a jump, but I guess that is why Duffy and Pastrana are doing front flips and not me, right?

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