I’m sure you’ve all read about how the Mustang GT350 and GT350R have been dominating the competition for the baddest American Muscle car on the block. Well a company from a small town in Connecticut that surely you’ve heard of, Callaway Cars, might just have a few things to say about that with their new SC600 making 600+HP.



For a little over $54,000, which includes the price of the base Camaro SS($16,995 over the $37,295 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS), the well known tuning firm will turn that stock 455HP SS into the fire breathing SC600 Camaro according to the release a “600+ Horsepower street-legal muscle car”. The SC600 name is effectively just a place-holder, until Callaway will correspond the SC nomenclature with whatever power the new car makes. Callaway says the final number will be “well over 600 hp.” If you look closely at the pictures released you can see SC622 name plates so I would bet its safe to say it will be somewhere in that vicinity. Plus, the tuner car does not void the GM factory three-year/36,000 limited warranty!

SC757 engine bay


SC657 Z28

Callaway is no stranger to high horsepower Chevrolet cars and engines with the tire roasting SC757 Corvette Z06 to the SC652 Camaro Z/28, not to mention the infamous twin turbo 880Hp 254.8mph Corvette Sledgehammer. Using the 455hp stock LT1 V8 as a base, Callaway leveraged its supercharger and cooling technologies used in the SC757 including a 2.3L TVS supercharger which is actually 32% larger than the one used on the Z06. The supercharger itself is complemented by a triple intercooling system and a cold-air intake system. Callaway has supercharged the LT1 V-8 before. The same LT1 is used in the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, which Callaway supercharged to 627 hp for the Callaway Corvette SC627
sledgehammer front

sledgehammer back

Visual upgrades for the SC600 Camaro include carbon fiber engine covers, Callaway badging for the interior and exterior, door sills, embroidered floor mats and unique key fobs. So although its not much a trained eye will still be able to spot the differences. But lets be honest the main reason for the upgrades have nothing to do with the appearance of the car, its strictly whats going under that hood and considering the past vehicles Callaway has made as well as starting with a great foundation car the SC600 surely will not Disappoint.

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