As Americans, we are always painted with a picture of excess. And in reality, we deserve it. I’m not necessarily saying we should change, just saying maybe we need to embrace our stereotypes.

Let’s take touring for example. No matter who you ask they will likely tell you that you need a massive 1000cc or bigger adventure bike to tackle the open road. Not to mention the cruiser crowd. Now you are looking at a surplus of over 1800cc’s just to rack up the miles. It’s a weird phenomenon, likely driven by our need to haul all of our shit with us. I mean, look at the motorcycle trailers they make. Doesn’t that defeat the entire purpose of riding!?

Either way, we can all learn a thing or two from Nathan Millward. Native the England, Millward was working in a cafe in Australia enjoying a surprisingly chill lifestyle. Unfortunately for Nathan Australia has some extreme Visa rules and his renewal was denied indefinitely. That gave this English bloke just 3-days to pack up and, and as Australia put it, get the hell out. 3-days to uproot his new life and go back to where he once came, Millward decided a plane ticket would be too easy, or possibly to anticlimactic. Either way he elected to ride back to England, via motorcycle.

At this point, I had thoughts of KTM adventures or BMW GS1200’s roaming through multiple countrysides, Long Way Round style. But that must be my American indulgence. Instead, Millward elected to travel the 23,000-mile journey using a Honda CT110. What the F***!? With all of the seven-and-a-god-damn-half horsepower, the CT110 has a top speed of just 40mph, and that’s unloaded with a stiff tailwind. And yet this maniac piled all his belongings on it and set off into the wind, all on 3-days notice.

The trip took Nathan 9 months to complete, and he did so with just $2,000 to his name. While I don’t want to spoil the video for you, I can say this. While Nathan’s idea is borderline insane, I am so envious of this man it’s almost pathetic. He is my new hobo hero, traveling without a whim or a care. It goes to show that we don’t need the newest adventure machine with all the bells and whistles, we just need a bike, any bike, and a sense of adventure. We can do so much in this world, and we shouldn’t let our American indulgence get in the way of that. Watch this video at your own risk, by the end I have a feeling you will start planning your own maddening trip.

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