It’s no secret that there are strong ties between Supercross and NASCAR, but this past weekend the two melded together in a new way. Greg Biffle, Clint Bowyer, Austin Dillon and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. went head-to-head on bikes.

This little treat was made possible by the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and Monster Energy Supercross converging in the Atlanta area at the same time. The opportunity to collaborate was too good to pass up, so the NASCAR drivers hopped on bikes at the Georgia Dome for what was supposed to be a good-natured, friendly little ride in the dirt.

Danica Patrick also participated in the event. She held the 30-second race-countdown board. Despite some fans getting their hopes up, Patrick didn’t wear the signature black-and-green Monster outfit usually donned by the board girls.

The four NASCAR drivers didn’t do a whole race, but instead went for the holeshot, or from the starting line all the way to the first turn. It was for bragging rights, which might be a bigger deal than money or any other awards.

Despite the abbreviated format, the race turned out to be a serious competition. Clint Bowyer said he bought a bike and put in a fair amount of time practicing. No doubt the other three did the same thing, wanting to show off their Supercross skills in front of the crowd.

Funny enough, it was Bowyer who won the competition, while simultaneously wrecking out. He dashed to the corner faster than the other three, then put on the brakes some and started to turn the handlebars like he was going to cruise through the turn while celebrating his victory. Instead, Bowyer slid straight, going off the track and running into a tuff-blocks barrier.

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

After the collision, Bowyer got up and showed he was just fine, other than maybe a slightly bruised ego. After the race he told reporters that he purposely hit the barrier since he was going in too hot to make the turn. It’s a nice excuse, considering the other three were able to stop, but whatever.

Despite not having the best start, Bowyer locked down the short race without much trouble. He grew up racing dirt bikes, so he had a little bit of an edge on the other NASCAR drivers. The important part was that the holeshot race was fun to watch.

Don’t expect to see something like this again. After the crash, NASCAR might think twice about letting drivers get on Supercross bikes, because the next incident might not be injury-free.

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