There have been a lot of really high horsepower cars come out this year, like the Bugatti Chiron and the Koenigsegg Regera that are putting out 1500Hp, so clearly they must be capable of beating the top speed record currently held by the Venom GT, right? That’s yet to be determined, of course, and really the only one we see trying to beat the record is the Chiron with their claimed top speed of 290mph. Not that the Regera couldn’t do it, but Koenigsegg has made it very clear that they are more interested in how fast their car will get to those high speeds, claiming that their cars are the faster at accelerating from 0-200+ mph than any other car on the planet. Hopefully there will be a showdown where all of these cars are brought out to one location with multiple races to determine a clear winner, but lets be honest that probably won’t happen. But none the less, it’s definitely a great time to be alive and be a gearhead.

The Venom GT  on its 270mph Run PHOTO:
The Venom GT on its 270mph Run

We recently came across a video of the Hennessy Venom GT setting the new world record of 270mph at the Kennedy Space Center’s 3.2 mile runway, and if you’ve never seen the video you really have to watch it. The way this thing gets up to 260mph and then gains 1 mph every second all the way up to 270 when the driver finally lets off, is absolutely incredible. When most cars do top speed runs those last few mph are really hard to come by, and to gain 1 every second just doesn’t normally happen, unless there is more in the tank so to speak. As hard as that thing appears to be pulling from 265-270mph, there’s got to be a little more up Hennessy’s sleeve. One thing is for sure though, the Venom GT has set the bar pretty damn high and it appears to have a lot more where that comes from. And that’s just the Venom GT, don’t forget there’s supposed to be a Venom F5 with a projected 290mph top speed that was talked about a couple years ago that has never came to light. PS – I personally think it would be SO DAN FUN to do these high speed runs and totally volunteer to do the next one!

Photo: Hennessey
Photo: Hennessey


Just as a point of reference this is a video of the Veryon Super Sport hitting its top speed record. Not only does it not get from say 260-267mph nearly as fast as the Venom GT, but that’s Kilometers, which means for every 1 mph that’s almost 2 kph.

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