Mercedes-Benz and AMG forged one of the best partnerships in motorsports history, with AMG becoming Mercedes in-house high-performance division in 1999. Since then they have brought us so many impressive cars, everything from tuned sedans to supercars. Now they are looking at bringing us a 4 door sports car, something to stomp all over the Panamera, Tesla P100D and Aston Martin Rapide S. This new 4-door is currently called the Mercedes-AMG GT concept, designed specifically to celebrate 50 years of Mercedes-AMG success. It’s a large saloon for an even bigger celebration.

The AMG concept is a stunning saloon, bold in a way only AMG could pull off. The body lines are a pleasant change of pace, flowing and curvaceous; in a world full of sharp angles the AMG concept is a round peg surrounded by a bunch of square holes. I honestly haven’t seen a better-looking saloon since the Aston Martin Rapide S came out. And while the Rapide is a fine car, the AMG GT concept is looking to be the bully of its class. Underneath the bold exterior sits a 4.0-liter V8 spinning twin turbochargers with plenty of juice to move that enormous body. While it’s all and well AMG gave this a secret weapon, one derived from its successful Formula One platform; hybrid technology. That’s right, the new AMG GT concept will be a hybrid, combined with the aforementioned turbocharged V8 and we are left with a claimed 805BHP. Not bad AMG, not bad. While an impressive horsepower claim, AMG has been known to produce absolutely massive torque numbers, hopefully the GT will be no different. While part of me likes the idea that AMG is planning on all wheel drive, my inner teenager is hoping for rear tire incinerating monster.

Truthfully I am not a fan of the colorway they chose for the Geneva concept, but I am an immense fan of the design. I would love to see this car in AMG’s Selenite Grey Metallic, as well as ditching those hokey gold wheels, this isn’t a Rolls Royce after all. And while we are at it the exhaust could use an overhaul, although we are nitpicking at this point. Even better, imagine in form of the infamous Black Series. Oh please let that happen. Now all of that is totally my own speculation it has been confirmed this is almost a complete concept, with the Mercedes-AMG representative being quoted as saying it’s a 90% complete. While this is fantastic news for now, as long as the 10% of change is ditching those silly wheels. The GT concept is a fitting celebration for an epic tuning brand, keep up the good work AMG.


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