Well, there’s a speed shop in Oklahoma called B&R Performance that has built what they are calling the Fireball 900 which is a 6th Gen Camaro that has been tuned out to have some ridiculous power. More than plenty to stomp the Hellcat. You’re expecting me to say that the Fireball has 900 horsepower based on the name right? Well, that’s partially true except you need to drop one of those zeros and throw a 9 in there. That’s right this thing is pushing out 990hp thanks to a “few” upgrades here and there. Some of the most significant would be the supercharger, high-performance lifters, long tube headers, performance heads and custom cam plus a whole lot more. B&R have also made headlines using their Fireball Camaro drag car that is said to have over 3500hp, and apparently beat Tom Bailey in his “Sick Seconds” Camaro which has been a dominating competitor in the Hot Rod Drag Week.

Stock 2017 Camaro SS 1 LE Photo: gmauthority
Stock 2017 Camaro SS 1 LE
Photo: gmauthority

Now I wanted to point out something about the Hellcat since that’s what the Fireball is being compared too. Even though it may not deserve all they hype it’s been getting since its release, the Hellcat does have one of the most powerful production engines made in the United States with 707hp. But my main beef with the Hellcat is that all that power is almost completely unusable. Maybe Dodge should have spent a little more time figuring out to get that power to the ground instead of devoting so much time to the engine and the actual horsepower figures.

The 3500hp Firebal Drag Car Photo: youtube
The 3500hp Firebal Drag Car
Photo: youtube

One of the best parts about the Fireball 900 is that from the outside it pretty much looks exactly like a stock Camaro SS from the outside to the untrained eye. If you know what you’re looking for though there are a few things like the custom hood and badging that would indicate this is not your ordinary Camaro. Normally if you want a car that would put out upwards of 1,000hp you need to spend some serious money. For example, the original Bugatti Veyron 16.4 and McLaren P1 LM both are right around those power figures, and both cost well over a million dollars or more in the case of the P1. But B&R Performance is claiming that you can pick up the Fireball for right around $100 per horsepower, which if your not all that good at math is $99,000! So for under 100 grand you can have a car that will absolutely blow the doors off the Hellcat, and along the way maybe even beat up on a few supercars just for fun. The Fireball 900 debuted at the SEMA show this last week and it made quite the impression.

Photo: fireballcamaro
Photo: fireballcamaro

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