It may look like some sort of optical illusion, but what you’re looking at is an actual drag car. The car itself is a Honda S600 that was produced back in 1964-1966 and as you can tell it’s been heavily modified to create this one of a kind drag car. The build quality is worthy of being a show car, but this little guy performs even better than it looks thanks to a 2jZ motor under the hood.

The obvious star of the show is the enormous turbo sticking up out of the hood. And while it most definitely is huge, there is a bit of an optical illusion going on here. What I mean by that is the S600 is a tiny little car. It has a wheelbase of just 79 inches and to give you some sort of perspective, that’s an inch smaller than a Mini. Not the new Mini either.

The car was spotted down in Australia at the Sydney Jamboree Sport Compact Drag Race event and boy did it put on a show. Thanks to the giant custom built turbo strapped to the iconic 2JZ motor, this little S600 is putting out more than 1200hp to the wheels. That is a ridiculous amount of power for a normal size car with normal weight. which means it’s straight up bonkers in a car that’s barely bigger than a go-cart. Apparently, the owners of the car are still working out the bugs, but even now it’s capable of running the quarter-mile in around 8 seconds at over 190mph. This little car pulls so hard that it virtually rides the wheelie bar 3/4 the way down the track. The guys at 1320video caught up with the owner at the JAMBOREE and got the full scoop on this wicked little car.

Photo: youtube

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