With Triumph ushering in the new era of Bonneville and retro style machines, it’s worth a trip down memory lane to experience one of the greatest reviews of all time.

Marlon from Melbourne, Australia, turned himself into a one-hit wonder with one of the greatest motorcycle reviews ever. This cheeky bloke put together a video that is so simple it’s beautiful. While we are all guilty of hearing the word ‘review’ and instantly rolling our eyes, because that concept has been beaten to death, it’s not the case when it comes to Marlon’s video. Instead, he brought a crisp new approach in a genre that is flooded with Youtube wannabes.


Marlon simply wanted to put out a funny video that showcased some of the weird quirks that surround Triumph’s massively popular 865cc Bonneville. But he does so in such an entertaining and original way, you almost wonder how it’s possible. His analogies are perfectly on the mark, finding a home between outlandish and relatable. And his editing skills are supreme for someone just ‘having a bit of fun’. While you can tell the entire video was shot with a dollar menu budget, it somehow manages to add to the overall charm.


What blows my mind is that Marlon only has 4 videos total. FOUR. And while his other 3 videos have done okay, it’s this soul video that has given him over 1-million views. Normally when that happens you would see the channel creator loose their mind, and try to put out a new video every week, hoping for internet fame. But not Marlon. This Aussie put out only 2 videos since the amazing review, and both were a moderate success. While they are entertaining they don’t have that initial shock factor from the first video. Even still, I would love to see Marlon get with a company and start making reviews like this full-time, they really are that good.

With all the new Triumphs hitting the streets I’ve personally seen the used market explode for these ‘old’ air-cooled Bonnies. Anyone that is in the market for a Triumph should watch this first, because you may learn a thing or two about the bike you are thinking of buying. And if all else fails, you’ll get a good laugh out of it.

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