You know that look that the giant adventure bikes are all going for, the skinny tall fairing with room for a giant GPS in front of your face? Well, you can thank the machines from Dakar Rally for that. The iconic rally race has featured some of the most beautiful off-road machines ever created, and now you can own your very own version.

Omega Fiberglass is offering an entire kit that transforms any Husqvarna 701 Enduro into that of a Rally legend. Utilizing the big thumper, the Rally kit is ideal for anyone that want’s a truly off-road focused bike that is capable of taking on the world. Currently on the market, we have a massive amount of ‘adventure’ bikes that are, well, massive. They make for a great compromise, a jack of all trades if you will, but they aren’t hardcore enough for some. For those select few, the Omega 701 is for you.

The kit contains a myriad of modifications for the stock 701, almost all of which are cosmetic. The most crucial of the modifications are easily the dual gas tanks. At 7-liters a pop they help extend the range of the 701 from 150-miles to over 300-miles per fill up. Double is always better. Because the 701’s stock tank is located under the seat, the new Omega tanks don’t add too much mass up front. A nice change from your desert tanks on something like a CRF450X. With this kit you also relocated the fuel pump to the right side tank, making easier to access in case of an emergency. The kit also interlinks the stock tank with the new carbon fiber units, allowing you to isolate each one in extreme situations.

From there Omega added an all carbon tower to mount the new fairing. It also houses the new halogen headlights for better visibility at night. The cockpit is now improved for multi-day excursions, with the tower specifically designed to hold a map or GPS. The beauty of the entire project, besides all that exposed carbon, is that all of your stock 701 parts are unaffected. That means you get to keep your steering lock, ignition, and of course your precious exhaust. The fairing even adds a level of wind protection that the 701 never offered, allowing for some quick on road jaunts to become less painful.

Underneath those range extending tanks sits a new bash guard. While I would have liked to see some alloy in the mix for this piece, it’s still pretty stout being a carbon kevlar mix. The reason there isn’t an alloy involved is strictly for weight savings. Even with all the added pieces it only beefs the 701 up by 35lbs. Without fuel, of course. The kit also includes an entirely new seat as well as a low, wheel hugging front fender. Omega points out that the stock high front fender can still be used, but I’m not sure why you would want to. I mean, look at that carbon masterpiece.

The kit is almost a complete plug and play setup, with only the fuel pump taking some minor mechanical skill to make work. Because Omega doesn’t cut corners they insisted on using Husqvarna specific hardware. You won’t have any wonky fit issues with this, I assure you. Omega offers the Rally Kit in a single color configuration, but they do let you choose. Once you land on a color of choice they will spray it with 2K automotive paint, so you know it won’t wear out. But don’t fret, if you want it to look as good as these pictures it’s only a $280 up charge and that’s for an individual design. Not bad. Well, until you consider how much the entire kit cost you before that extra 280 bucks.

So how much does the Rally Kit cost? I don’t really want to say… Just remember, the kit is really, really awesome, Okay? Okay. So Omega is charging…. $6350.00 for the entire kit. Which is… A lot. Like a lot, a lot. And while it makes already expensive 701 absurdly expensive, it is with good reason. At roughly $17,000 with the kit, you are coming in $4,000 more than the famed Honda Africa Twin. And while it’s true you will be riding a thumper while they enjoy their massive 990cc parallel twin. Yet when it comes to the off-road sections, what these bikes are meant for, you will appreciate the 701’s almost 200lb weight advantage. And while the 701 is putting out 25 less hp than the mighty African Twin, it makes up for that with a substantial advantage in range. Checkmate, 701.

Unfortunately, the Omega Rally Kit does have a bunch of add-ons, making the price even steeper. But if you are already going in this deep, what is a couple hundred bucks more? Even still, a small fortune seems so worth it to have a true Rally bike. And I would much rather take one of these on that a 600+lb monster that is only so-so off-road. I didn’t think the 701 series could get any better, now I know how wrong I was.

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