Mad Mike Whiddet is at it again showing off his spectacular driving skills and car control as he tackles the Franschhoek Pass in South Africa. We all know that Whiddet is a huge fan of the Mazda Rotary engine, he’s used a Miata that he referred to as “RADBUL” which utilized a twin turbo 4-rotor engine that produced over 1,200hp in previous videos and competitions. But this time, he brought out his RX8 he calls “BADBUL” that also has the rotary engine but only uses 3 rotors to create an estimated 812hp so it’s by no means a slouch. I happen to grow up next to a beautiful canyon road similar to the one in the video and I’ve dreamed about doing something like this what seems like my entire life. It’s nice to see that someone is living my dreams until I can make them a reality.

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