Seeing a cherry car from the late 40’s is becoming increasingly rare nowadays. They just aren’t as common as they used to be, making it a real joy when you see prime example rolling down the road. While this ’49 Chevy would be a head turner even here in the States, the fact that it now lives in France surely makes it stand out even more. Thanks to Marc W├Âltinger, a Swedish photographer that has a wonderful taste for vintage cars, the fine folks of France get to enjoy a proper American car in all it’s 40’s glory, with a slightly custom twist.

Marc has made a name for himself as a Lowtech Marc, an aficionado of all things classic cars. His blog is chalk full of hot rods and cars pushing roughly 70 years old. But of all the customs he has featured on his blog, his own ’49 Chevy Custom has to be one of the best all-around builds. Instead of giving it the full ‘lead sled’ treatment that so many folks do now, Marc instead built a classy and understated build. The chassis sits just right with a set of gorgeous white walls, while the cherry red paint is one of the best looking colors for any car. The interior is a gorgeous combo of black and white leather, with an homage to the cars Southern California roots thanks to some well-done pinstriping on the dash. It’s an absolute head turner, and yet I can only imagine the reactions it must get in a country like France. I just love the fact that it has the stock powertrain. It’s no restomod, just a pristine classic car showing off its timeless style. We could all learn a thing or two from Lowtech Marc’s style.

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