About a month ago I wrote about Icon 1000’s ridiculously custom build, DethGrip. DethGrip is a resurrection of a Kawasaki Vulcan 650S that defied everything and anything, taking the once lethargic mid-size cruiser and turning it into a full blown dirt track hell raiser, all just for kicks. Now Icon has brought us a feature film showcasing DethGrip doing what it does bet, slaying dirt. While no living man could possibly pilot DethGrip to its full potential, we are gifted to have Dead Billy to take the reins.

The story? Young Bill Mclutchet, an all American flat track legend that couldn’t be beaten, makes a deal with the devil… one he can’t repay. Dead Billy now haunts his famed flat track, out to steal each and every checkered flag he can. DethGrip delivers on the dirt like nothing else. Check it out.

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