PHOTO: Automotrends
PHOTO: Automotrends

There are countless videos online showcasing the sheer torque of the electric powered Tesla and there are very few cars that can run next to the P90D off the line. With 762hp and 717lb-ft of torque the Tesla P90D has about 62 more Hp and a lot more torque than say the Lamborghini Aventador and they both have All Wheel drive so on paper this should be a pretty good drag race. Yes we are talking about a Lamborghini but again this Tesla is no slouch. With the electric motors you have almost 100% of the 700+ lb-ft of torque available at 500 rpm, which basically means that the second you put your foot to the floor you have the full potential of the electric motors at your disposal. Since torque is what actually gets the car moving and and is usually responsible for the acceleration of the car and the horsepower is usually associated with the top speed of the car. Not always, but its a decent rule of thumb on this type of thing.

The Tesla has beaten many high powered cars in both rolling drag races and standard type drag races, usually it dominates the standard type. So when we came across this video of the P90D going up against the beloved Aventador we were a little worried that the Italian SuperCar of our dreams was going to get embarrassed by this silent killer known as the Tesla. Should we be? I guess you’ll have to check out the video below to find out. Go Aventador!!

Here is what looks like the same Tesla Racing a stock Corvette Z06 rated a over 650hp

Watch this families reaction to a Thanksgiving day ride

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