When it comes to the “most insane motorcycle road race in the world,” the Isle of Man TT takes the cake. And the current king of the motorcycle TT, by a large margin, is John McGuiness. John has run the TT more times than he can count and with a total of 23 wins under his belt, it’s safe to say he knows this course like the back of his hand. even more impressive when you consider the course is 37.73 miles long. Aside from the length, what makes the TT so appealing is the ungodly speeds achieved when doing it, at least during sanctioned race days. If you tried it on any other day you would land yourself in jail because almost the entire course is held on public roads with speed restrictions. But on race day, the government closes the roads and temporarily removes speed restrictions.

John was the superbike record holder with a blistering time of 17 min 3.567 seconds. That breaks down to an average speed of 132.7mph over the entire length of the course which is hauling so much ass it’s literally unfathomable for most people. Michael Dunlop has since broken the record when he finished with a time of 6:58. The guys at Bennetts Bike were lucky enough to link up with the legendary Mr. McGuiness for a hands-on tour of the most heinous corners of the TT and how he handles them at speed. It provides a really interesting look into what’s going through the mind of these riders during the split second decisions made when teetering on the very fine line between life and death.

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