Keith Curtis On his Turbo Pro RMK PHOTO: RideFox
Keith Curtis On his Turbo Pro RMK
PHOTO: RideFox

Every year in Jackson, Wyoming (commonly referred to as Jackson Hole) at the end of March they go out with a bang with the Snowmobile Hill Climb Championships. As we have mentioned before, this competition tests the best riders in the world with one of the steepest and most technical climbs in all of hill climb competitions. Even though it’s held on the same hill every year, each time it is totally different due to the varying snow conditions. There have been years where barely any snow was on the ground but riders still did whatever it took to get to the top, even if that meant destroying the sled on the rocks, stumps, and fallen trees that line the course. The final stretch has earned the nickname “The Rock Gardens” due to the countless rocks that lie just under the snow surface that will ruin your day really quickly if you hit one. That’s rarely the case though and usually it’s the opposite. Jackson hole is known for getting huge snowfall and riders are usually trying to deal with so much powder that when one rider gets stuck it will leave hole the size of a Ford Focus that the next rider somehow has to deal with.


The 2016 event was right in the middle of a strethc of dry weather with not a ton of new snow, but there was some snow at least. We have talked about the 2016 Polaris Pro-RMK with the AXYS chassis and how incredible of a backcountry machine it is. So we had high expectations for the Pro RMK in the stock class at this year’s competition, and the AXYS chassis did not disappoint taking first place in both the 600cc and 800cc classes. Piloting both sleds was Polaris rider Kieth Curtis and he put on a show making it to the top on both sleds. We might add that he made it look super easy. With that sick wrap on the sled and gear to match, Curtis went out and dominated the competition. And you’ll notice that a great majority of the other class winners were riding Polaris as well. I noticed that they had a stock 1000cc class and a Polaris won that, although I’ve never heard of Polaris 1000 so I’m not quite sure how that works.

Curtis with his 800 and 600cc Pro Rmk with his King of the Hill Trophy PHOTO: Ridefox
Curtis with his 800 and 600cc Pro Rmk with his King of the Hill Trophy
PHOTO: Ridefox

Here is Bio video of Keith Curtis from 2014 so it doesn’t have any of the new sleds but give you a backgound on the guy


We look forward to the 2017 season to see if this new Ski-doo Summit 850 can finally give the Pro-RMK some competition. What do you think, will the new Summit stack up against the Pro-RMK? Tell us what you think in the comments below

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