Jon Olsson is a well known gearhead that has owned some seriously badass vehicles in his time. He stated a VLOG series a while back and every now and then a great video pops up. When he drove his Lamborghini with studded tires on a Glacier ski resort the internet went crazy. Its not often that you see a car of that caliber doing a stunt like that. Well a new video was released today where Olsson and friends spend the entire day at the Ascari Racetrack located in the hills near Ronda, Spain.

Photo: abcmoteur
Photo: abcmoteur

This particular track was new to me, but after watching this video it’s now ranked up there on the bucket list next to spending a day at the Nurburgring or something along those lines. There are apparently multiple different track styles there, dirt , drift and go-cart just to name a few. But the star of the property is without a doubt the main circuit that is roughly 3.4 miles long (5.4km). Here you can really drop the hammer and drive a high performance car how it was meant to be driven.

Inside the garage at the Ascari race resort Photo: gtspirit
Inside the garage at the Ascari race resort
Photo: gtspirit

You can either bring your own vehicle, or take your pick from a whole fleet of vehicles available for rent. Depending on your skill level, they are likely to have a car that suits you. If you’re a beginner, a hot-hatch like the Renault Megane will be the right choice. But for those looking to push the limits there is all kinds of high performance cars available, even up to and including full blown race cars. Olsson’s car of choice for this particular day was the BAC Mono which there are very few production cars that would rival the Mono when it comes to a track day.

The Stig behind the wheel of the BAC Mono Photo: topgear
The Stig behind the wheel of the BAC Mono
Photo: topgear

These track day experiences are usually not cheap, in any sense of the word. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be worth it though. Olsson recommends that you plan on spending far more than you budget for the day because once you get behind the wheel of some of these cars, you won’t want to stop. For an all day inclusive package you will likely be spending close to $5,000 USD or more and depending on what type of cars you rent that could go up or down. Either way this looks like it would literally be a gearheads dream come true.

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