This past year has been ‘The worst of his life’, Clarkson has had a really rough go at it. Between losing his mother, his house and the career that defined his life. He has been quoted saying “How do you think I f***ing felt?”. Strong words by most of our standards, but not for our beloved TV Host! In fact, it was his choice of words that caused the beginning of his demise.  It’s still a little unclear to the general public, how or why his incident caused him to be let go from his long time career with Top Gear. However in a recent interview with The Times of London Magazine, Clarkson finally gave us a glimpse of what has happened:

No one gave a s*** in Asia. They were alerted to the fact that there was a ‘deeply racist’ slur in the footage, and said, ‘That’s not deeply racist,’ and transmitted it unedited. Which is what I thought would happen.”

“I genuinely don’t think it was bad. It was built up to be a huge thing. We don’t mind being called ‘roast beef’. The Aussies call us Nigel, a lot. Or Poms. We call the French ‘frogs’.

Leaving his mishap behind, he has also been quoted on his mother passing. Which alone is reasonable cause for hoodlum behavior.

I said, ‘My mother’s just died. Please leave me alone.’ But they wouldn’t. And it was bad. We were doing the TV show and the live shows, and three newspaper columns a week and endless investigations into whether or not we’d said this or done that or whether or not my hair was straight or my teeth were cleaned. It went on and on and on. It was very tricky. So there was quite a lot of pressure that year even for a jovial soul like me to handle. I was very close to my mum.

After he was let go from BBC’s Top Gear, and with his Mother passing, Clarkson disappeared for a month. While it is believed he went to a rehab or sorts, he has confirmed this is not true. However he did stop drinking for 4-5 months.  He says this was a way to “stay sharp” during his negotiations with Amazon Prime.  “You can’t deal with Californian lawyers if you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine.”  He later clarifies the Amazon Prime deal was not his only reason for staying sober. While he does not speak of the other reasons, he does say that he is much more level headed.  “I’m a lot calmer now. There’s the same s***, but I can deal with it.” If you’ve followed Clarkson for any amount of time, you know patients and general calmness, are not among his strengths.

Although it is difficult to predict where Clarkson will end up next, aside from Amazon Prime, you can bet he will be doing something he loves. However, we are still left with the question as to whether we really know who he is. Reading The Times of London Magazine interview, it seems to me, that Clarkson is playing with us:

“The whole thing is an act, of course,” he says at one point. What? “My job, my TV persona. ‘Jeremy Clarkson.’ It’s a mask. We all wear masks. It’s not the real me.” Is he suggesting that the man who’s made £30 million from “being himself” is a con? “Yup.” Then who is the real you? “I’m not telling you,” he laughs.

Photo: Top Gea

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