Every year during Easter week, the offroad mecca known as Moab, Utah erupts into the giant gathering of just about all types of offroad vehicles for a week long adventure. Thousands of vehicles, and all the people that come with them, scatter out across miles and miles of red rock terrain ranging from a nice little cruise with the kids to some of the gnarliest trails on Earth. The overall claim to fame of Moab is the rock crawling. There are rock trails that literally have to be seen with your own eyes to both understand the magnitude of the situation as well as to believe people actually drive up or over that. Without a doubt, one of the most popular vehicles out there is Jeep, or I should say Jeeps.

Jeep realized this massive gathering of like-minded people was the perfect opportunity to release their concept vehicles. It’s great as a Jeep and offroad enthusiast because you get the first glimpse of some pretty incredible fully functioning concept vehicles. Need I remind you of the 707hp Hellcat-powered Trailcat released in Moab last year. The Trailcat was the best one to date and at the time you wouldn’t think anything could surpass it on the badassery scale. But Jeep is going for a one-upper this year, and they are calling it Quicksand.

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The Quicksand may not be the Jeep you would expect to see. It’s more like a cross between a hot rod and Jeep, hence why it’s so cool. At first glance, you may find yourself not liking it. But it’s the kind of thing that will grow on you. Look at those massive stacks sticking up out of the hood like an old school drag car. Unfortunately, it’s not a Hellcat motor under the hood, but it is a 392 Hemi Crate engine that produces upwards of 475+hp, so it’s by no means a slouch. This isn’t a street Jeep either. Quicksand was built to play out on the rocks. It has a solid front axle with upgraded King Shocks at each corner that will allow the old girl to flex when and where it needs to.

You might’ve noticed already that Jeep continued that old school hot rod look all the way to the tire shop. They used 32-inch tires up front with massive 37-inch tires in the rear, only they weren’t slicks like on the hot rods. They used hardcore BFG MT KM2 tires to handle anything. The body has been chopped and stripped of any unnecessary panels. Overall this thing just looks mean. And what might be the best part of this crazy build, is the sound it makes. Thanks to the exhaust coming right off the headers, this thing snorts, pops, growls and roars just like the classic V8 is supposed to sound. It even has a switch mounted on the dash that opens the cutout with only two settings, “loud” and “obnoxious.” More details to come at the Moab Jeep Safari next week, but in the meantime listen to this badass Jeep come alive.


Photos: Automobile

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