grand cherokee


Its a great day to be a Jeep fan, brand CEO Mike Manley confirmed today that there officially will be a Hellcat-powered Grand Jeep Cherokee and its set to arrive in 2017. Check out that interview below.

The incredibly powerful Hellcat engine is a 700+ HP 6.2L supercharged V8 and there are claims that this new set up could bring the the grand cherokee down into sub 3 second 0-60 and 200mph territory, thats pretty much into the realm of a supercar but also have room to throw the kids in the car. I cant wait to see the soccer mom street racing scene.


grand cherokee front

Its been a long time since we last heard jeeps plans regarding the the hellcat engine being placed into the grand cherokee. According to previous reports they were calling it “Project K” but now its being reffered to as the “TrackHawk”. Whatever name they end up using I dont think will matter because this thing is gonna be amazing and I personally cant wait.

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