Renderings are an interesting part of the modern world. Thanks to computers, artists are able to create life-like drawings that could fool even the best experts into thinking they are real. It’s great because we can see how an idea could be turned into a real-life machine, but we are also constantly teased with the idea of machines that don’t actually exist.

When it comes to the kind of person that can stir up all those emotions inside us with is work, Tam├ís Jakus is one of the best in the business. Jakus’s designs are world renowned, thanks to their life like feel that can easily be mistaken for the real deal. Jakus has been extremely active over the years, producing a massive amount of motorcycle renderings in that time. He’s done everything from custom sport bikes to cafe racers, with each one looking as good as the last.

In collaboration with Life Motors Jakus even had one of his designs come to life, called the AGNC Pheonix. Based on the famed Yamaha Vmax, the Pheonix is an incredible retro design. It perfectly showcases how well Jakus renderings can translate to real life, and now all we need is for it to happen more. His attention to detail is unparalleled. Each rendering tells a unique story, the seed of an idea that could turn into something magnificent. Ever since seeing the landspeed concept ‘BMW Alpha,’ which was built by a skilled US craftsman off of a rendering from a man in Turkey, I can’t help but think of how cool a collaboration on some of Jakus’s ideas would be. Check out the gallery and see for yourself. Which would you choose to be the next custom to captivate the world?

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