Imagine having a go-cart that weighs just 1,000lbs but yet has a 250hp motor in it. That’s essentially what you see here with this wicked Lil’ Mini. The guys at 1320video are constantly out looking for new and unique cars, and Kyle, the founder of 1320, did just that when he stumbled into this bright green 1983 Mini. What makes this car so interesting is the fact that it no longer uses a tiny little 1.0L four cylinder that produces at best 50hp to power the car. Instead, the owner used the motor out of a Hayabusa and tuned it up to produce 250hp.

Even though the name implies that it’s a small car, you forget just how small they are until you see two grown men try and wedge themselves into one. In stock form, the Mini weighs anywhere from 1,400-2,000lbs depending on which model you have. However, the owner of this bright green machine put his on a diet and now it tips the scales at just 1,000lbs.

While 250hp might not sound like much in the grand scheme of things, especially where cars with over 500hp seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but with a curb weight of just 1,000lbs, this Lil’ Mini will have supercar-like power to weight ratio and will perform like a rocket ship. Especially with the ultra-high revving Hayabusa motor. You wouldn’t think an engine from a Sportbike, or “Bullet Bike,” would be considered a large motor, but with this tiny little clown car, it’s massive. The owner had to install the engine in the rear of the car behind the passenger compartment, so you almost get a Ferrari like sensation with the screaming motor over your shoulder. It must be quite the thrill to pilot this little beast, especially as you’re up above 10,000rpm and blasting through what’s basically a sequential transmission.

Kyle had his camera rolling as he went for a ride so that we could live vicariously through him and get some sort on an idea how wicked this lil’ green machine really is.

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