The Indian ‘wrecking crew’ is back, and they are wreaking havoc on the entire American Flat Track scene.

Scott Hunter/American Flat Track

The ‘wrecking crew’ was the nickname given to a trio of riders back in the 50’s, the golden age of Flat Track. Bobby Hill, Bill Tuman, and Ernie Beckman became famous for braving the odds on their aging Indians to win against the rapidly rising competition. It was an age where Flat Track was not only at the top of its popularity scale, but it also happened to be one of the most dangerous times in racing history. The motorcycles were getting faster yet they still lacked proper suspension, still used hand shifters, and commonly lacked brakes. It was a glorious time for dangerous racing, and thankfully for those of us that didn’t get a chance to experience it we are experiencing a beautiful resurgence.

I’ve already touched on Indians return to flat track recently, but it’s the success that they are having that is worth talking about. We knew the bike had potential, and we know how good the riders can be. The two together has been straight up dominant. There have been 6 rounds so far and in each round Indian’s new ‘wrecking crew’ has been sitting 1 & 2 on the podium, winning every round thus far. They have even swept the podium on three different occasions, including Indians own sponsored event the Arizona Mile. That results in 15 of 18 total podiums thus far going to Indian. Indian isn’t just beating their competition, they are demolishing them.

Scott Hunter/American Flat Track

This weekend was the Harley Davidson Springfield Mile, a famous race in the Flat Track community. Indian once again pulled a one-two finish with Bryan Smith edging his teammate Jared Mees by just .005 of a second. Third place went to Sammy Halbert who managed to get his Yamaha just .05 of a second ahead of Indian’s Brad ‘the Bullet’ Baker. The win was Bryan Smiths fourth consecutive win, but his first Springfield Mile which is a big deal. He was ecstatic about the win saying, “Winning at Springfield for the first time in my career is a rewarding feat, But continuing Indian’s undefeated season with this victory on the Scout FTR750 is nothing short of incredible.”

The championship is shaping up to be an all-Indian battle, with Bryan Smith leading the charge at 137 points. Jared Mees is chopping at his heels just 10 points behind. Brad Baker is only 14 points behind 3rd Sammy Halbert who sits in third place. If Brad can find a little more success in the second half of the season we could very well see an Indian sweep of the championship.

If they keep this up the entire calendar could be stamped with wins by the new Indian FTR Machine. Buy hey, they don’t call them the ‘wrecking crew’ for nothing.

Scott Hunter/American Flat Track

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