With all the technology improvements on the new sleds, snowmobiling has become far more extreme that it ever was before. Riders are able to climb steeper hills, in deeper snow, and also perform bigger jumps. And some crazy bastards are even hucking themselves off huge cliffs, as high as 80 feet or more. However, nothing you’ve seen before will prepare you for the jump you’re about to see. This has to be the biggest and baddest jump ever performed on a snowmobile and thanks to GoPro we get to see the entire thing from every angle.

Now It could be argued that this technically isn’t a jump because there’s one key feature added to this particular sled that allows it to jump farther than anyone ever thought before. A parachute. Even though it might be cheating, it still took some major cajones to speed toward the edge of this cliff and launch off out into the great blue yonder with only a thin piece of fabric saving you from certain death. Granted the rider did have a backup chute that he could use in the event of an emergency, but still.

When you call yourselves “The Stunt Freaks” you better be willing to push the limits in whatever you do, and for this particular stunt that’s exactly what they did. Teaming up with GoPro, the Stunt Freaks went out to the icy mountains of Sweden and put on quite a show unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’ve seen the parachute on a sled thing but never like this. The few examples I saw were usually on semi flat ground or during everyday riding where it was extra “floaty” as they bounced from one spot to the next. But never have I seen one launched off a cliff, a big one at that. So tell me this, if you had the opportunity to do something like this, would you do it?

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