British motorcycle manufacturers have always had a keen eye for beautiful bikes, resulting in some of the most iconic bikes of all time. A small time manufacturer, Hesketh, has been producing finely crafted V-twin motorcycles for over 30 years now. Their flagship bike, the V1000, has reached its final production year. With its legacy well established, Hesketh has decided its time to make room for its newest product, the Valiant.

While a naked V-twin motorcycle is nothing new, what sets Hesketh apart is their willingness to go big. And by that, I’m referring to the massive displacement power plants they use. It’s rare to see more than 1300cc engines squeezed into anything smaller than a 700+ pound cruiser. Even the biggest Harley-Davidson is pushing only 1800cc’s. Hesketh said the ‘hell with that’ by cramming a giant American made 2100cc S&S engine into the new Valiant. While that’s impressive enough they somehow decided more was needed. Taking a page from Mr. Kawasaki and their rocketship they call the H2, Hesketh slapped a Rotrex supercharger onto the new Valiant; if super-villains rode motorcycles this would be the bike. While displacement doesn’t always result in impressive power, the combination of 128-cubic-inches and the supercharger help lay down a crisp 210 horsepower and an earth shattering 217 ft-lbs of torque. 217 ft-lbs of torque, I feel like that needs to be stated a couple more times, it’s just an unreal number for a motorcycle. That’s more power than a 2300lb Miata, all from a claimed dry weight of 527lbs. And if that isn’t enough for you keep in mind, Hesketh is hoping the production model will be closer to 250hp. Like I said, thats super-villain material.

Thunderous power aside the Valiant is a gorgeous looking machine, developed with the majority of parts sourced from English manufacturers. The frame is a beautifully designed chrome-moly steel unit that compliments every component that’s bolted to it. The suspension is supplied by the British-based company K-tech, known for their quality racing suspension. Attached at each end lies Hesketh built 17-inch 3-piece wheels, made exclusively from billet aluminum. The binders are also British-based, coming from Pretech and Beringer respectively, both sporting Hesketh’s logo. If its anything like Hesketh’s last model, The 24, this is a winning combination that is able to hide the bikes hefty weight and highlight the torque V-twin. Although this time they have even more oomph to deal with.

Overall the bike is utterly stunning, walking an impressive line between classic British beauty and American muscle. The sheet metal work is fabulous, incorporating hints of carbon fiber on things like the belt cover and rear seat cowl. I’m not a huge proponent of bare carbon as a style piece as its been played out time and time again, but with the Valiant they managed to make it fit into the style as a whole. Impressive stuff. All of this does come with a hefty price tag, a stout 65,000 dollars and it’s yours. In a world of ever-increasing high-end custom motorcycles, the Hesketh Valiant will likely stand atop the pile, blending beautifully a monstrous amount of performance and style. Truly unique.

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