When Gordon Ramsay appeared on an episode of the new revamped Top Gear he nonchalantly mentioned how Ferrari would be making a convertible version of Ferrari “The Ferrari,” as the great James May referred to it in the debut episode of The Grand Tour. Ramsay said they would be calling it the Aperta and more importantly that he would be was one of the first people to get one. It was super awkward because they tried to make it look as if it was a surprise, but it so clearly wasn’t. Especially considering to our knowledge it was the first official announcement that Ferrari would actually be building it and we all know how difficult Ferrari can be to deal with sometimes.

Photo: carbuzz
Photo: carbuzz

Well, time has passed and it’s now been announced the Ramsay was actually speaking the truth because he has taken delivery of a brand new pearl white LaFerrari Aperta. We doubt he was the actual first person to get one, but he was definitely in the first batch. If you remember they’re only going to be making 200 of the 950hp hypercars which means they, of course, were sold out before the first one was ever delivered. Each one is said to cost $2.1 million which is almost double what the original LaFerrari at its debut (although they’ve recently been priced as much as $5.5 million).

Photo: shockmansion
Photo: shockmansion

We already know the LaFerrari is a magnificent car as it’s absolutely gorgeous but it’s also the fastest and most powerful Ferrari ever made. Imagine taking all that in a convertible. Taking the top off and letting the wind flow through your hair at 200mph! The Aperta will still have the same performance figures as the hardtop which means 0-60 times in under 3 seconds with the wind in your hair. That’s got to be an incredible feeling to be sitting there at a standstill listening to the birds chirping, then suddenly the naturally aspirated 6.3L V12 screams to life. All the birds scatter and you initiate launch control and wham! You get thrown back in your seat like nothing you’ve ever experienced. At the same time, the open roof allows you to hear the engine and exhaust in a way that would just overwhelm your senses when combined with the sudden 60mph wind speed that happened in just under 3-seconds.

Not Ramsay's car, but very similar. Photo: carscoops
Not Ramsay’s car, but very similar.
Photo: carscoops

So needless to say, Ramsay is enjoying his holiday season thanks to that gorgeous new car. The personalized license plate F150 GR was an interesting addition, F150 was the internal code Ferrari used to reference the Aperta and of course GR for Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay with his hardtop LaFerrari Photo: autopro
Ramsay with his hardtop LaFerrari
Photo: autopro

Car spotters all over England have been posting pictures and videos of the car and it just looks spectacular. Ramsey also owns the standard LaFerrari, which I believe was one of the requirements to have a chance at owning the Aperta, so we’re hoping he does a shootout between the two or at least a photo shoot.

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