Chris Burandt is one of the most talented backcountry snowmobile riders on the planet. He runs Burandt Backcountry Adventures, which is a class for experienced riders based out of Colorado. And with the snow that’s been falling here in the Northwest, it’s been a very busy year for him, as well as one for the record books.

GoPro has started a series called Driven that gives you an in-depth look into the lives of some of the top action sports athletes in the world. They linked up with Burandt to learn what it takes to master the ways of the snowmobile. It’s really interesting to see how he started riding on sleds similar to what I started riding on. When I saw him jumping on the Polaris XLT, I automatically knew why I have so much respect for him as a rider. He does what he loves every day during the winter and people pay him to do it. So take a few minutes and watch the journey of a man who followed his dreams and managed to turn his favorite hobby into his career and reach the pinnacle of his sport.

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