Believe it or not, this actually happened this last weekend at the Texas Mile. M2K Motorsports took their 2500hp Ford GT with its epic Gulf livery and ran a top speed 293.6mph. In case you weren’t counting, that’s only 6 tiny miles per hour away from eclipsing 300mph, something once thought to be completely out of the question. And again, the Texas Mile is a standing mile race, which means that you start from a dead stop and have one mile to go as fast as you can before hitting the brakes because the runoff is only a half a mile. I point that out because a lot of the mile races are rolling miles where the cars hit the starting line at 50-60mph.

Photo: flatout

This Ford GT is bad. In every sense of the word. It puts out 2500hp from the same 5.4L V8 its just been heavily modified in order to handle the ridiculous amount of boost coming from the twin turbos. According to reports, during the record run, they were running 45lbs of boost! And you can see how much that boost increases the power and speed when you watch the in-car footage. Imagine the power-band that you get when riding a two stroke dirtbike, and add a 200hp shot of nitrous on top of that, and maybe that will compare to how hard this car pulls. The only way your going to see, or feel, that type of acceleration to speeds up over 250mph is in a professional drag car.

M2K is no stranger to this sort of attention with this car. It’s actually held and beat its own records for the past few years at events like these all over the country. Just 8 months ago it ran 280.1 at the Arkansas Mile. And if you look on YouTube you can find videos up to 5 years ago of this thing running at over 250mph.

We are living in a time where new levels of performance are being reached left and right. Levels that even 10 years ago were almost unthinkable. It was just over a week ago a 2500hp Nissan GTR ran a 6.93 1/4 mile. Now a Ford GT just came closer to hitting 300mph than ever before. And that is something to celebrate. It’s a great time to be a Moto Enthusiast.

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