In case you haven’t caught on by now we love the Ford Raptor, at least in its current form. We still ride the fence as to whether or we are going to like this second generation that’s scheduled to drop later this fall. We have talked numerous times about how we flat out hate the idea of a full size truck, especially one with the likeness of the Raptor, having a V6 engine. Bottom line, no matter how powerful it may or may not be. It sounds absolutely horrible, and the more I hear it the more I don’t like it.

2017 Raptor suspension components Photo: caranddriver
2017 Raptor suspension components
Photo: caranddriver

But one thing that we love about the Raptor is is off-road capabilities, specifically the suspension setup. No other vehicle can you drive in the desert at 90-100mph hitting all kinds of bumps. The first generation Raptor came with 2.5 inch diameter shocks and it seemed pretty damn capable. But according to a recent video released by Ford Performance the 2017 second gen will come standard with a 3 inch setup. Now that is a really good thing there is no arguing that. The first gen Raptor we have here at Moto Networks had the upgraded 3.0 Fox shock system and there was a noticeable difference between the two.

Photo: truckyeah
Photo: truckyeah

So at least the new Raptor has that bit of positive news. We are still waiting for the rest, and by that we mean an optional V8 engine choice. Check out this video of the new Raptor romping out in the desert, the suspension seems to be working fairly well, but ugh the sound that comes out of that thing almost makes me cringe. Reminds me of a tuner car, not a ricer but a tuner car. So technically I guess it could be worse.

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