Imagine you just took delivery of the first privately owned McLaren 570S GT4 race car and this gorgeous beast was sitting in your driveway. How do you celebrate such a monumental occasion? Well, naturally you find the closest track and rent it out for a full day of fun. And that’s exactly what Josh Snowhorn did recently when he received his 570S GT4. Only he didn’t rent out just any track, he gathered a few buddies and they all went in together to rent out the mighty Circuit of the Americas in Austin for an entire day. That way Josh could really get to know his new GT4 and all its glory.

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Snowhorn had originally placed the order for his new car in June of last year and it obviously took quite some time for him to receive his new race car. A lot of that has to do with McLaren delivering the first two to race teams that are scheduled to compete in the European GT4 series. But alas, chassis #003 was sent to Snowhorn in Austin, Texas and came ready to lay down some serious lap times. Snowhorn is no stranger to McLarens and is the proud owner of the highly sought after 675LT, which he’s taken out on numerous track day events since he bought it. And even though it was technically the first outing for his 570S GT4, he’s already quite confident that it will lay down lap times “several seconds” faster than the more powerful 675LT. But that shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the GT4 isn’t road legal and was designed and built strictly for using it on a track.

McLaren built two track only variations of the 570S, one being the GT4 that Snowhorn had delivered, and the other goes by the name 570S Sprint. The main difference between the two is that the Sprint model is designed for use on an unrestricted track day where the GT4 is technically built for use in the British GT Championship, and therefore must follow the specs for each class it competes in. No official specs were given regarding the GT4, but it does use the same twin turbo V8 as what’s used in the standard road going 570S, which is approximately 562hp and 443lb-ft of torque. Interestingly the 570S Sprint doesn’t have any specifications it must follow and is therefore essentially unrestricted and allows the owner/driver to set the car up however they want. From what we gathered, the reason Snowhorn opted for the GT4 rather than the Sprint model is he plans on competing with the car at some of the GT4 events, just not all.

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Like all other track-only models of the 570S, Snowhorn’s car went through the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) department where he was able to fine tune the cosmetics of his new toy. He opted to follow the same color scheme he used on his 675LT and that’s what looks like a mix between Audi’s Nardo Grey and Gun Metal Grey with bright orange accents for contrast. And can we just say again, this thing looks fantastic?

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