Scramblers are all the rage right now, with many manufacturers offering factory option scrambling machines. And now we officially have an event tailored to your off-roadable steed, the HighPipe Scrambler Festival.

Hosted by the China Peak Mountain Resort in Lakeshore, California, The HighPipe Festival has started what is hopefully an annual gathering for Scrambler enthusiasts. The event had its first meeting this last weekend that went off like a bang.

The Festivals host group, Bonnier Motorcycle Group, made the entire journey part of the event, even outlining 4 different ways of getting to China Peak. This included routes that covered coming from LA, Portland, Reno, and Utah all powered by the Motorcycle specific app REVER. It shows that Bonnier knows the event is as much about the journey for any motorcyclist.

Once you get to China Peak you will go to either your hotel room or your campsite, depending on how much nature you were hoping for. With the event starting on Friday participants could jump right in. Being located in the Sierra Mountains there were tons of different trails to explore, with hikes to Indian Pools for those that wanted to stretch their legs. From there you had the bike and gear demos from Honda, BMW, Ducati, Alpinestars, and Bell. These ran practically all weekend, allowing anyone that was looking to upgrade or even just getting into scramblers a chance to take them on some real trails to experience what it is all about.

Friday night featured Happy hour at Sully’s Pub, followed by dinner at China Peak with a live show from the Wild Angels on the deck to put the stamp on the perfect first day. On Saturday it started back up at 8am with breakfast followed by some similar activities like hiking. Motorcyclist hosted the Scrambler Rodeo, a series of fun low-speed challenges for participants to try their hand at. Next up was the brilliant Bridgestone Hillclimb that was made more for spectator amusement that to actually be raced on. The end goal was to end at the Buckhorn Bar & Grill with the biggest grin imaginable. The rules for the event were beautiful and hilarious in design, something more events should take note of.

Saturday night is capped off by an awards ceremony likely full of well-humored awards like ‘who dropped the demo bikes the most’ and ‘worst attempt at hillclimbing… ever.’ From there some activities continued into Sunday with the entire event ending at noon, ushering in an enjoyable ride home. The event was a smashing success, one I personally wish I would have attended. Here is to hoping it become an annual event, I will for sure be in line for next year.

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