Ferrari is not one to shy away from a challenge and with all the hype surrounding Aston Martin, Mercedes-AMG, and McLaren regarding their new ultra-hypercars, it only makes sense that the boys from Maranello would want to join in on the fun. Instead of making a brand new car, Ferrari appears to have taken the best one they’ve made to date, or at least the fastest and most powerful, and did everything they could to make it even better. Of course, I’m talking about the FXX K and its 1,035hp hybrid power plant. Talented car spotter, 19Bozzy92, filmed this heavily camouflaged test mule that is clearly an FXX K, only one that’s had a few upgrades.

Apparently, it’ll go by the name of FXX K Evoluzione and while it’s still a bit early to know all the details of the car you can get a pretty good idea about Ferrari’s intentions with this new and improved hypercar. First off, they must be confident with the overall power output of the standard FXX K because according to basic reports there are no changes made. Instead, it appears as if they have focused all of their attention on the aerodynamics of the car. It’s fairly obvious when you look at the Evoluzione that it has a significant amount of aero upgrades over the standard FXX K. Take the rear wing for example, on the standard car there are only small winglets above each of the rear wheel wells. However, the test mule has a giant wing that stretches along the entire width of the car. There’s also a giant diffuser that is almost double the size of the one found on the standard FXX K car.

These new aero upgrades should make a significant difference when it comes to downforce, and with more than 1,000hp on tap downforce, that’s important. It’s likely that the FXX K Evo will remain as a track only monster like the car it’s based on. I’d like to think that Ferrari plans on competing against the Project One, Valkyrie, and BP23, but it’s also possible that it’s meant to battle the McLaren P1 GTR and Aston Martin Vulcan. Either way, it looks like Ferrari is up to something special. In the meantime, check out the test mule in action and see what conclusions you’re able to come up with.

Photo: zero2turbo

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