Many of you have heard stories about how particular Ferrari is regarding the requirements needed to be met in order to own one of their special edition models. For example, say you had a stack of cash and wanted to go out and buy the F12tdf, unless you own five other Ferrari’s you didn’t stand a chance. Now granted money always talks but apparently the Italian company is pretty hardcore about maintaining the exclusivity which appeals to only the extremely high end buyers.

Ferrari FXX Photo: youtube
Ferrari FXX
Photo: youtube

One of the stories that gets talked about the most however is that when you own the absolute top dog models such as the FXX, 599XX, FXX K. The XX models are the hardcore track-only variants of their perspective models and it was widely known that when purchasing these extremely rare vehicles you could only appreciate at track. Not only could they only be driven on the track, but it was reported that you couldn’t even take them home.

Ferrari 599XX Photo: reddit
Ferrari 599XX
Photo: reddit

Ferrari FXX K Photo: wiki
Ferrari FXX K
Photo: wiki

The most recent release is the FXX K and there are countless reports in the most well known automotive sources in the world regarding the fact that when not use the car remained at the factory. When you wanted to take it out to the track, a team from Ferrari would take the car wherever in the world you wanted to go. It was believed that the same was true with both the original Enzo based FXX and the 599XX. It always blew my mind to think you about the money needed to purchase one of these cars and then not be able to take it home! Which if you remember pricing for the FXX K started at a bare minimum of around $2.7 million.

Ferrari FXX K  Photo: motoridlusso
Ferrari FXX K
Photo: motoridlusso

We are happy to report word from a very reliable source that the FXX myth is just that, a myth. None other than Benjamin Sloss, Google exec that owns both the FXX K and 599XX, posted on his Instagram today a picture of his car in the driveway. He also wrote in the caption that he happened to read an article mentioning the fact that XX owners never had possession of their cars and it wasn’t true. Sloss apparently buys these incredible cars for his lovely wife, Christine, who is a major gearhead. Some guys have all the luck! Anyways this is what Sloss had to say on the subject.

Christine Sloss in her FXX K Photo: carscoops
Christine Sloss in her FXX K
Photo: carscoops
Ben Sloss picking up his 599xx EVO. Photo: gmotors
Ben Sloss picking up his 599xx EVO.
Photo: gmotors

According to an article from Road and Track they contacted Ferrari directly for a confirmation of what Sloss had claimed and the response they got was very interesting:

The majority of the cars are stored in Maranello in the Corse Clienti department, but customers are free to have them at home. It is mandatory, however, to have a full review of the car by the Ferrari crew team before the car hits the track in any event or private testing session. Anytime the car is taken to the track, for an official Ferrari event or personal test session, there is always a mechanic and technician. He’ll do the full check up when the car arrives at that said track.

Well damn, talk about a great gig, how would you like to be the guys that are flown to all corners of the world to inspect every nut and bolt of the XX cars before “allowing” them to hit the track. Its easy to see how the XX cars not leaving the factory stories started. If they have to be inspected before they can be driven anyways it might just be easier to leave it at the factory, then you have it shipped where ever you wanted. Let’s be realistic here, if you have the money to own one you’re not going to have a problem shipping the car right. After all, its just money right?

Ferrari FXX Evolution Photo: musclecarzone
Ferrari FXX Evolution
Photo: musclecarzone
Ferrari FXX K Photo: wheelsage
Ferrari FXX K
Photo: wheelsage

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