Believe it or not, but 2017 marks the 70th birthday for the one and only Ferrari. Think about that for a second. Since 1947, right after WWII, and from then on Ferrari has been setting out to build the most exquisite cars to ever to come out of Maranello. To celebrate, Ferrari has put together a beautiful exhibit to showcase the best of the best throughout its 70 years of fame.

Picking a favorite Ferrari is like trying to pick your favorite child, you tend to love them all. Luckily for you, you don’t have to pick, because you can now go to one place and enjoy almost all of them. Ferrari has expanded its already massive museum to a staggering 44,000 square feet. Now its Factory Museum sports two new collections, the “Under the Skin” exhibit and the “Infinite Red” collection.

“Under the Skin” was created in collaboration with the London Design Museum to showcase the development of Ferrari’s road going cars. This collection has some of Ferrari’s oldest cars including their very first, the 125 S. It also features archived material like technical drawings and design models that were used to create the cars we know and love.

The “Infinite Red” collection celebrates Ferrari’s abundant racing wins, showcasing some of their most successful racing vehicles. The collection has some of the most successful Formula One cars from the famed 500 F2 to Michael Schumacher’s incredible F2004. A quick glance around and you find yourself surrounded by success, one of Ferrari’s most notable traits. Cars like the F2002 epitomize this, being that it is single-handedly the most successful car to ever compete in F1.

The exhibit also includes a selection of GT cars, like the famed 250 GT Berlinetta and ultra expensive 250 GTO. There is also a selection of new age supercars like the F50, Enzo FXX K and a handful of LaFerrari’s. It really has anything a Ferrari fanatic could hope for, with the exception of getting to drive every car there.

The facility is located at the home of Ferrari in Maranello, Italy. Last year alone 344,000 visitors came to enjoy the museum, which means the new exhibit is likely to push that number even higher. If you don’t have a trip to Italy planned soon now would be the time to buy your tickets, until then enjoy these pictures snapped from the exhibit.

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