When it comes to the World’s fastest four-seater production car, most people would expect it to be something from Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche or something else along those lines. Most people wouldn’t expect Bentley to be the ones holding that title. They would be wrong. With a top speed of 209mph, the new 2017 Bentley Continental Supersports now tops the charts as the World’s fastest four-seater. You’ll notice that I keep saying “four-seater” instead of a sedan, or saloon, for those of you across the pond. That’s because the Continental is technically a coupe, or at least a 2+2, due to only having two doors.

The Supersports uses the same 6.0L W12 engine that’s been used in the Continental since 2009. But thanks to a few tweaks to the turbos, Bentley engineers managed to squeeze an additional 79hp and 160lb-ft of torque out of it. That brings the grand total up to a staggering 700hp and 750lb-ft of torque, which makes it the most powerful Bentley ever made.

Photo: autocar

The Supersports manages to pull 0-60 times of just 3.5 seconds even though it has a curb weight of 5,280lbs. The stellar all-wheel-drive system plays a major part in getting this behemoth up to speed so quickly. It also has a new torque converter that locks up faster to help harness that onslaught of 750ft-lbs of torque. Although it is an all-wheel-drive, it’s rear wheel biased so it still gives you that sports car feel.

With a car that has this much power, weight, and speed potential, Bentley had to make sure the brakes were second to none. What they ended up with are high-performance carbon-ceramic brakes that are the “largest of their type in the world,” according to the Bentley website. Although that doesn’t mean that you’ll want to be spending a lot of time on the track with this beast because that’s not its specialty. Where the Supersports is in its element is out on the open road driving across country with a car full of friends and family. After all it is considered a Grand Tourer.

Photo: autocar

I’ll be the first one to admit when the Continental first came out, I wasn’t totally in love with the looks. But this Supersports however, is by far the best-looking one of the bunch so far. It looks significantly more aggressive in every aspect of the car. The rear wing looks like it belongs on a GT3 racecar, so you know this isn’t your ordinary Continental upon first glance.

If you are looking for what might be the ultimate road trip car, you would have a tough time finding a better candidate than the Bentley Continental Supersports. The only way you’re going to find a car that will provide the same level of luxury and performance is if you’re willing to spend millions on something like a Bugatti Chiron. However, that only has seating for two so you’d be forced to leave the kids behind. To some, that might be a selling point. Bugatti made claims many years ago that they would be the one to bring the ultimate four-seat supercar, but Bentley beat them to it. The ball is in your court Bugatti, it might be time to revive the plans for that Galibier you teased us with back in 2009.

Photo: autocar

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