Stunt driving is one of those dream jobs that doesn’t even seem real. Getting paid to drive fast, drift, J-turn, and basically, all the things you get in trouble for doing anyway. Well, now is your chance. Thanks to Ford you can learn all the skills used in the movies.

The program is called the ‘Ford Go Faster’ event, and it pretty much looks like heaven. The one-day event pits you in a fleet of Focus RS’s with professional instructors for each activity. First, you get a demonstration in the passenger seat, and once you see it done the proper way you are then thrust into the driver’s seat for your moment to shine. There is also one stage where Ford puts you in the seat of a Mustang GT. While it’s only an automatic, you still get to slide it around, which is the part we are all after anyway.

Thankfully for us that aren’t able to attend the event, Youtube Vlogger ‘Seen Through Glass’ was able to take the course with a camera in hand. Sam was able to keep Vlogging through the entire course, showing the instruction of each technique as well as his attempts to learn them. And as you can tell from his giddy reaction, it looks to be an absolute blast.

I love how the instructors seem so genuine. All of them appeared to be very fun, caring people, who just want to pass on some awesome knowledge. Maybe it was just a play for the cameras, but I think it’s the fact that they get to play with the infamous ‘Drift Mode’ for a living. That was the other surprising thing. These cars are running bone stock. No fancy mods, no roll bars. Even the steering wheel was straight off the showroom floor. Impressive stuff really.

Once you complete the entire course you get a chance to film your Hollywood debut. You play a ‘wheelman’ for a high stakes heist. Sam got the name ‘Wheels’ for his leading role, and it’s likely they have a plethora of pre-recorded names so each student feels like they have their own slice of history. While the end result was a little tacky, I have to say I’m still extremely jealous. It looks to be incredibly fun, and the fact that you get your own little video to remember it sounds pretty good. The only drawback? You have to be in London, and you have to be there from October 13 – 22nd, after that it’s gone. It’s a shame really, they could likely run this year round and it would sell out. I know I would go, maybe even more than once.

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