It seems like every other day there’s another lap record set at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. But this record for the fastest road legal BMW stood out for a variety of reasons. The bright green monster used to set the record started life as a BMW M235i, but has since received the full treatment from the highly respected BMW tuner, AC Schnitzer. They call it the ACL2 and this thing is a beast on the track. It’s so good that it even pulled down a lap time of 7:25.8, which is two seconds faster than the all mighty M4 GTS.

What makes this lap time even more impressive is that about midway through a bird smashed into the windshield! Piloting the ACL2 was Touring Car legend, Markus Oestreich, and even though he was traveling at 127 miles per hour he didn’t skip a beat. I know it takes serious focus to pull off a record lap time in any car, but you’d think something like a bird would definitely throw you off your game just enough to make you miss the record. But when you watch the in-car footage, Oestreich didn’t even flinch so it’s possible that it didn’t effect his lap time at all. That speaks very highly of both his driving talent and the incredible AC Schnitzer tuned Bimmer.

Speaking of the Bimmer, let’s talk about what makes it so special. First, it’s the M235i, so it’s smaller than the M4. But yet under the hood sits a heavily modified M4 engine that now puts out a staggering 570hp. That’s a jump of 240hp over the stock M235i and 140hp more than a stock M4. All that power in such a small package will obviously equate to a ridiculously fast car, but as we all know more power doesn’t mean much when talking about pulling down quick lap times.

Photo: ACschnitzerflickr

In order to beat out all other BMW’s, AC Schnitzer gave this little green machine the works. It has a widebody kit that helps give it the stance you would expect to see in a track superstar. The fully adjustable AC Schnitzer “clubsport” suspension also played a major part in the stance as well keeping the car flat and planted through the 12.9-mile course. There’s also a slew of aerodynamic additions to the ACL2, including the massive rear wing which provides both form and function. The German tuning house also figured out a way to reduce weight on the car to the point that the power to weight ratio is approximately 2.59kg per horsepower, which puts it in the same league as supercars like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and Ferrari 458 Italia.

The overall looks of the car will be a hit or miss for BMW enthusiasts with its Christmas-themed green and red color combination. But in my opinion the aggressiveness completely makes up for the random color choice, and when it performs this well who cares what color it is. That’s a concern for a car that you don’t care about. I’m not sure if it was planned or not, but this monumental achievement happens to coincide with AC Schnitzer’s 30th Anniversary.

The record probably won’t last long, but regardless of that this particular record will likely always be remembered because it was the bird strike record. And thanks to the well-documented lap time, you can see it in its entirety. If you just want to see the bird strike, it happens around the 3:37 mark. But notice Oestreich’s reaction, or rather lack thereof and you’ll see what a pro he is.

Photos: ACschnitzerflckr

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