One could argue that almost anything is cool when it’s shot in super slow motion. But anytime there’s a powerful engine combined with either dirt, snow, or even tire smoke, it seems to be even more interesting no matter whether you’re a gearhead or not. Red Bull linked up with pro hard enduro riders Taylor Robert and Cody Webb and shot them doing their thing in 1200fps and it looks fantastic. To make it even more visually appealing, they shot the video up at Donner Ski Ranch near Lake Tahoe which as you may already know is a beautiful area.


But the real stars were Robert and Webb. These guys are extremely talented riders and the bike control they display is second to none. While they normally compete in the hard enduro circuit which are brutal races like the Erzbergrodeo that we’ve talked about before. But in this particular video, they’re doing what they call “freeriding” which is basically a combination of trails, mountain riding, motocross, hard enduro, or whatever else they feel like doing, hence the “free”. Normally when you see this style or riding, things are happening so fast that you almost can’t appreciate the difficulty involved. However, when you slow it down significantly you can really see the little things like locking up the back tire or distributing weight in a certain way.

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