It’s not very often that you catch a good head to head battle between two top of the line Trophy Trucks (and drivers) battling it out on video. That’s usually because they’re off in the middle of the desert far away from cameras, unless there’s a helicopter following them, which can and does happen. However, thanks to vast improvements with action cameras like GoPro, we get to see things from a whole new perspective.

Take this battle between 2x BITD (Best in the Desert) Trophy Truck Champion, Jason Voss and Brett Sourapas, who at the time had just moved up into the Trophy Truck class. Although he was the BITD 6100 Class Champion in 2015, which is the equivalent to the minor leagues in baseball, so by no means was this his first time behind the wheel. This becomes blatantly obvious as you watch him give the veteran champion a run for his money at the Best in the Desert Bluewater Desert Challenge in Parker, Arizona, this last October.

The Race Dezert YouTube channel acquired in-cab footage from both drivers and put it together to make a continuous shot of the intense battle. So you get to see what the drivers saw and hear what they heard, which I must say listening to those 900hp race motors sing is like music to my ears. If you can focus long enough to see the number in the top left-hand corner of the screen that sits in front of the co-driver, that will tell you the speeds these guys are reaching. At one point it was up in the three digits, so we know it’s at least 100mph, but likely it’s closer to 120mph or more.


Brett Sourapas and his new  Trophy Truck Photo: twitter
Brett Sourapas and his new Trophy Truck
Photo: twitter

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