Drag racing is one of those hardcore sports where every time you get behind the wheel it could very well be your last. When dealing with these types of speeds and acceleration it’s sometimes possible that the cars can literally take flight. Drivers are usually able to prevent that from happening by letting off the throttle, but there’s sometimes nothing you can do about it whether the throttle gets stuck open or it just happened so fast you couldn’t react in time.

Photo: dragracingonline
Photo: dragracingonline

Now when something like that happens the first thing the driver is going to ask is “did you get that on camera”? That is, of course, assuming that the safety equipment did its job and saved your life. Well, that’ts exactly what happened at this year’s No Mercy 7 event. Race driver by the name of Stevie “Fast” Jackson was behind the wheel of his Fox Body Mustang drag car and was making a pass like he had countless other times when something went wrong.

Jackson's "Shadow" drag car prior to the wreck Photo: dragracingscene
Jackson’s “Shadow” drag car prior to the wreck
Photo: dragracingscene

He took off like normal but soon found himself in a wheelie that quickly turned into taking flight. I mean literally all four wheels off the ground for a significant amount of time, it actually looks like he might’ve crossed the finish line while still in the air. When he finally came back down to earth he had a pretty vicious wreck that completely destroyed his beloved car. However, he did manage to walk away virtually unharmed thankfully because he used the proper safety equipment. After the epic wreck, Stevie was seen walking around with a big old smile on his face and positive outlook on things and apparently was already making plans to return next year. With that being said, 1320video got some spectacular footage of the “flight” from multiple different angles, including one of the best drag race drone shots we’ve ever seen. In the second video, you get to see the in-car footage and hear the story from Stevie himself.

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