When three of the biggest names in the Drift world come together to film a montage, you know it will be exciting. And that’s exactly what happened at Gridlife Atlanta when Chris Forsberg, Ryan Tuerck, and Vaghn Gittin Jr. went out and put on a triple tandem display. Gridlife is a combination of a music festival and motorsports festival all rolled into one. It was held at the legendary Road Atlanta and it provided prime real estate for the best drivers in the business to put on a show for thousands of screaming moto enthusiasts.

Enter the Drift Alliance, aka Forsberg, Tuerck, and Gittin Jr. These three drift legends have all won the world title at one point or another so it’s safe to say they have mastered the skill of car control. And they made that very clear in this short three-minute video where they pull some of the smoothest triple tandem drifts ever captured on film.

Photo: jalopnik

Some say that this could be some of the best drift footage caught on film, and from what I’m seeing I can’t really argue with that. That is assuming we don’t count any of Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos, but then again that’s not really considered “drifting,” hence why its referred to as Gymkhana instead. You be the judge, is it worth all the hype?


Photos: stickydiljoe

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